are we doing the 

Our goals are versatile

1. Social aspect: Felting a giant carpet with feet and hands of a crowd
2. Educational aspect: Turn old traditions into new trends, promote felting,
spinning, knitting and weaving
3. Community spirit: Combine serious doing with fun, minimise the border between work and pleasure
4. Ecological aspect: Wool is a wonderful rescource: local, organic,
sustainable. Little energy is needed to produce it
5. Commercial aspect: Promote wool-consuming in big quantities,
income for the farmers instead of profit for
big companies
6. Political aspect: Diversification: as contrast to present specialisation
Decentralisation: rather than power concentration
7. Psychological aspect: The process is as important as the product,
universal network thinking
8. Health aspect: Combination of skill and meditation,
a funny way of feet reflex zone massage
9. Future aspect: Pass on the skills to the next gererations