UlRico Stamani

Ulrico Stamani

Born in 1941 in Zurich, the biggest town in Switzerland, I was fortunate to spend a part of my childhood and all my holidays on the countryside by my relatives: farmers and handcraft workers. After my studies I lived 25 years as a school teacher in the suburbs and was engaged in creative, artistic and cultural-social projects, but mostly inside buildings with artificial lights and materials.

At 50, I made the courageous step to simplify my life, to become more independent, self-sufficiency and closer to nature. In the southern part of Switzerland, the Maggia Valley, with the help of partners and friends, I started several projects: renovating very old ticinese houses, installing Casa Antica, a youth hostel, guesthouses Pianta Monda, an ecovillage / and the Negozio Valmaggese, a shop for local products.

More and more I came back to the ancient traditions of this abandoned wild valley: heating and cooking on fire, cutting the over grown bushes and trees, repairing terrace walls, gardening and, after having met Sue Sanna, textile handcrafts.

Our land, our life and our love is so rich when we begin to open our eyes and ears, we only have to thank, to take it and to work with, for others and for me, for today and future generations.