SueSanna Russell

I spent my childhood in the Swiss Countryside between my grandparents farm and fathers mechanical business. At 22, I left Switzerland on my motorbike for some fresh air and new challenges via England to Ireland. Here, I married a shepherd and raised three children on a little island off the south west coast. We cut turf, repaired ruins, kept gardens, went fishing and built up a little cottage industry spinning, felting, knitting and weaving.

The next phases took us on the road, entertaining the public with street shows and then onto the high sea on sailing boats, chartering in the Caribbean. In 1992 we settled in Carriacou, Grenada, where the children finished school and we built the "Round House", a restaurant with cottages.

In the year 2000 we followed the children back to England. We repaired old working boats and supplied the Thames and London Canals with coal, fuel and firewood. Separated from my husband,besides this I continued my textile activities by giving workshops and exhibitions on the Wool-n-Boat in the UK and Switzerland,where I got involved with the Pianta Monda Ecovillage and the Negozio Valmaggese, a local product shop, where I sell my creations and organize workshops.

After following my threads all over the world they come together in this "Wool-n-Dance" Project. It makes me happy to refresh old traditions in new trends and inspire people to take up craftwork and develop their creativity.