Who says 'You can't knit on Aeroplanes?'

The above tie I have knitted on a flight to Grenada!

Dear Mr. Branson,

As a regular longhaul flyer to Grenada West Indies. I have come up with the following idea to entertain passengers on the plane. AIRPORT SECURITY BANS KNITTING NEEDLES

Who says you can't knit on an aeroplane?
(Please put your knitting needles in the luggage on check in!)
Board the plane with your yarn, take a seat and relax, after take-off have a cocktail with ice. You will be surprised to get supplied with two cocktail stirrers for those who want to knit!
It may help with the atmosphere on a long-haul flight and you could mabe show a knitting video and have knitting patterns of small items like tie, bikinis...etc. to give away on board.
I hope you look at this idea seriously.    Look forward to hearing from you. Sue Russell