(a little history along her threads)

1968 A 14 year old girl starts spinning with Aunty Anna in Toggenburg / Switzerland and fell in Love with working wool fibres.
1980 Living with family, self sufficiently, producing own wool-textiles on Long Island Ireland.
1983 Spinning demonstration at the Village Fete in West Cork / Ireland
1985 -1992 Giving workshops and textile-demonstrations in SW-Europe. New challenges followed with restoring ships and sailing around.
1992 Settling: from Europe to South America, from wool to cotton,
1995 Planting and experimenting with self planted cotton in Carriacou / WI
2000 Birth of the Giant Knitting Needles, to promote the wool-market. Textile Holidays with workshops in the Caribbean
2002 Back in the UK, start of the Wool-n-Boat on the River Thames, to support the crafts. Christmas Competition at the London Guild SWD
2003 Spinning of Angelshair / Zatorski & Zatorski. Knitting and Stitching Shows in London, Dublin and Harrogate and in the Fashion and Textile Museum London Giant Knitting with Castoff on the Underground, Pubs and Beaches. spinoff@castoff in the Victoria and Albert Museum, Woodland Wonders: workshops in Kew Garden, London
2005 fabrications Broadway Market, Hackney / workshop on the street
2006 Knitting and Stitching Show in Birmingham, Dublin and Harrogate. Kreative Messe, Zürich / Switzerland
2007 Workshops in the Royal Festival Hall (Re-cycle) and at the Thames Festival, Textile project with children at the York Puppelton Road school, Knitting workshop at Yorkshire Sculpture Park and in Lord Majors Show, Newham Several workshops in the Negozio Valmaggese, Ticino / Switzerland
2008 Barbican, International Women's Day, workshop
2009 Barbican, felt- and weaving-workshop Stratford Town. International Women's Day.
 2010          Now I live in the Öko-village PIANTA-MONDA in CH-6692 Menzonio, Switzerland and work in                        .   textile also as a visitor-guide, a seed-safer amd a allrounder in the cooperativa
2016            Got married to Ulrico, continue as a member of the cooperativa and still live in Pianted