The process

...of the Wool-n-Dance

* We promote awareness of natural fibres, mainly WOOL!
* The "Wool-n-Dance" artists, together with helpers, lay a bottom pattern and build a dancefloor of up to 8m diameter by spreading layers upon layers of wool fibres across a sheet of fabric: we need approximately 60kg on 40m2.

* The fibres are then sprinkled with soap flakes before being covered by a top pattern and a second layer of fabric. At this stage the dancefloor will be about 40cm thick. During the night / morning the dancefloor is made wet, activating soapflakes to start the felting process.

* Now the active part of the "Wool-n-Dance" can begin on the soapy surface, lots of motivated / enthusiastic people dance to the rhythm of the music / band. So the fibres fuse together into a giant felt carpet with an end thickness of about 4 cm.

* Around the dance floor the "Wool-n-Dance" crew give workshops in felting, spinning, giant-knitting and weaving in constant turns to keep the people on the dance floor!

* Besides taking home their home felted, knitted, spun or woven creations you will take home a lot of experiences, inspirations and community spirits!
























rolling the carpet