What is the artistic value of the work?

Wool-n-Dance  *  WnD is an integral, interdiciplinaire and participatory big event. 
*  WnD brings together  versatile aspects. see above
*  WnD  promotes a deeper consciousness of life.
* WnD inspires us to develop our own creativity
* WnD promotes active producing, more than consuming
* WnD points out the importance of communal work combined with fun

The completed carpet what is the longer term objective, will it be displayed, if so where?

Every WnD-carpet has his own destination.
* In the past our carpets have been displayed and commissioned.
* One  is a carpet in an apartment.
* Another one got made into a yurt
* One serves as a meditation and yoga carpet
* The one of London, which will be used at the 2009 Knitting and Stitching Show, has had interest from the South-Bank-Center for exhibition.
* Some of the smaller pieces travel with us as examples  and inspiration.


Who are the artists-makers involved and there past relevant experience - what are the development opportunities for those involved?

For every event our crew is formating a creative group and invites interested textile people to join new experiences.
WnD is more than just a weekend-event but a movement with snowball-effect.


What were the successes of the last work at the Southbank Centre?

We got many compliments from the organizers of the Thames Festival 08, from the SCB and the press. We got included in the Thames-Festival-Foto-Calender and in a tube clip. Our small documentary Birth of a wool-carpet can be seen on you tube.

What is the reason to perform the event again, how will you develop the idea based on previous successes/ weaknesses?

Our commitment isn't fulfilled until we have taken part in the UN proclaimed Year of natural fibres 2009. Our engagement with wool-art, team-work, participant events, exercise, promoting creativity and pleasurful working goes on. We are developing the idea by slowly improving our techniques from experience.


In a wider context how is this promoting craft or more specifically knitting - I can see that you are included use of certain materials, although not technique?

At these particular K&SS events we are only using natural fibres and new techniques in knitting, weaving, felting and spinning mixed with old traditions.


Who is involved to lead the dance element of the piece, we would look for specific expertise within the team? There would need to be some element of a learning outcome for participants both in relation to the artwork and the dance?

Dancing on the carpet is not a spectacular show, but a great event to take part.

We are not interested in having single dance performers, we need the crowd dancing to exchange the loose wool-fibres into a solid piece of textile.

This experience of enjoying work, learning skills, exercising the body and having fun while  moving and dancing brings people together.