Our small documentary "Birth of a wool-carpet" can be seen on you tube.

"Wool-n-Dance" is a movement:

Life can be a dance. Dancing can create a carpet, an art-piece, an everlasting memory. Work can be fun. A party can make sense. Wool can warm up and
promote community spirit.

"Wool-n-Dance" needs more hands and feet:

We don't apply a copyright. In every village, in every town, in every country
where sheep live, active groups of wooly people can get together and perhaps
with our help create their own Wool-n-Dance.

Wool-n-Danceis looking for venues:

There are many reasons to celebrate a Wool-n-Dance

big birthday parties
open airs
(in every weather condition)
you will need
a lot of time
 (3...4 days)
and a lot of dancing people
(between 20 -200)

Wool-n-Dancesearches sponsors:

Wool-n-Danceis a non-profit organisation, we are looking for:
friends, textile-businesses, suppliers and other interested people for getting good wool, covering infrastructure costs and finance further Wool-n-Dance's.                            

Can you help us ?

Please contact:  or

Thank you !

Wool-n-Dancegoes on :


Stop the dumping and burning of wool !

With your help and promotion we give our                      
contribution to a better situation for sheep
and farmers.